Whitehouse Lodge, Isle of Col
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Whitehouse Lodge

Isle of Col

Firth is a North West based architectural practice founded in 2003 by Joel Firth. The practice is known for its creative residential and commercial projects.

Church Drive


The design of the property comes from the desire to reuse the existing building whilst being inspired by its natural woodland setting. Integrating new sustainable building technologies where possible and to create a unique home of outstanding quality.

The overall design of the house is therefore inspired by two clear elements, to reuse and improve the existing building structure, including drainage and utilities to reduce the impact on the site and a new clear organic element inspired by the natural setting of the site that wraps over the existing building that forms the bedrooms, framing key views from the site over the estuary.

Our aim is to create a unique and exceptional home, inspired by its woodland location and built from the highest quality materials. The contemporary aesthetic aims to reflect the beauty of the setting of the site whilst creating a unique and beautiful home.

Whitehouse lodge front

Whitehouse Lodge

Isle of Coll

Islay Road, Lytham
Bannister Street, Lytham

Bannister Street


The conversion of this listed church into six residential units has now been completed. There is one detached dwelling (previously the Sunday school), along with five three storey town houses. The attention to detail to incorporate the original attributes of the building was critical to preserve the character of the properties.

Otter Bank, Windermere

Otter Bank

Newby Bridge, Windermere

The original inspiration for the design of the property comes from the existing hillside topography and surrounding lakeside landscape character of the site. The simple forms of the building are taken from the lake’s boathouses and boat sheds that typify the views from the lake. The minimalist approach of the design is a reflection of the simplified plan form and layout of the building.

The overall design of the house is inspired by and part of the landscape, the aesthetic of the stone cottage when viewed from the road and the look of a minimalist boathouse shed when viewed from the lake enables the property to sit into its landscape context from wherever it is viewed from with the simple palette of materials of local slate, render and glass. Although larger than the existing bungalow on the site the property sits on a large plot and is very discreet from the road, set down on the edge of the hillside site.

There is no impact on any neighbouring properties due to the size of the plot and it will not create any overlooking or overshadowing. The property has been designed to be a super-insulated structure, to achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency and various technologies will be introduced to lower running costs and enhance energy efficiency. By creating access to the building on different levels we have improved the ability to maintain the building, enhancing its durability.

We have created a unique and exceptional home, inspired by its location in the National Park and built from the highest quality materials. The minimal aesthetic aims to reflect the beauty of the setting of the site whilst creating a unique and beautiful home.

Windmill House interior kitchen and living

Windmill House

East Beach, Lytham

Clifton Drive, Lytham

Clifton Drive


St Cuthberts Close front

St Cuthberts Close


This project was for a replacement dwelling overlooking the Lytham cricket club fields. With a cantilevered lounge space and vaulted ceiling reminiscent of a pavilion structure. The sketches show the design development of the ideas along with a completed project photograph.

The Cottage, Derby Road, Poulton-le-Fylde

The Cottage

Derby Road, Poulton-le-Fylde

Brook House, Lytham
Coniston House, Lake District National Park

Coniston House

Lake District National Park

The brief for this project was to convert a 1970’s property into a dwelling that had the look and feel of an original Lakeland farmhouse, using Lakeland stone and traditional building techniques.

Applegarth, Islay Road, Lytham


Islay Road, Lytham

Woodville Terrace, Lytham exterior view

Woodville Terrace


Residentail Spa, Lytham

Residential Spa


This residential spa facility has a vaulted ceiling and incorporates a pool, sauna and gym area. The simplicity of the form and symmetry of the design creates a calm and balanced environment.

Windmill View, East Beach, Lytham

Windmill View

East Beach, Lytham

Windmill View interior staircase lighting

Windmill View

East Beach, Lytham

Seafront Penthouse, Lancashire - living area

Seafront Penthouse



Exceptional design based on inclusivity and environmental awareness

Queen Street regeneration, Blackpool

Queen Street regeneration


This sculptural approach to a regeneration site has been designed to express an optimism and dynamism symptomatic of our approach to this type of project.

Westmorland House, Lytham St Annes
Roach Bridge Mill, Samlesbry

Roach Bridge Mill


A competition winning design for the redevelopment of Roach Bridge Mill for Charles Hadcock, gaining planning consent for the first zero – energy commercial development in the UK through the reinstatement of a hydroelectric turbine.

Windermere Marina Village, Lake District National Park

Windermere Marina Village

Lake District National Park

This development is a mix of two, three and four bedroom properties on the shore of Windermere within the Lake District National Park.

Barrique, Lytham
The Deacon, Lytham
Church conversion, Woodplumpton
Capri, Lytham - Bar



Other commercial projects we have been involved with recently include the design of restaurants, bars and hotels.

Promenade Hotel, Blackpool
86 Promenade, Blackpool

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